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'Malampuzha’ rests in the picturesque land of Palakkad and it is obviously one of the busiest tourist spots in the district, nah…, the whole state. The scenic landscapes have always attracted tourists from various places of the country, and to an extent from some parts of the world. The place rests on the foothills of Western Ghats.

The dam of the place is survived by the tributary of Bharathappuzha, and place also boasts extraordinary experiences like boating, amusement parks, rock garden, Malampuzha dam etc. Padma Sree Neck Chandi Saini is the sculptor of the rock garden and he is world famous for creating a similar garden in Chandigarh. What makes rock garden a rocking place is that the whole item has been made up of waste materials such as broken piece of bangles, used plastic cans and similar items.

While we could see many other interesting things such as an aquarium in the shape of a fish, ropeway, a gigantic sculptor of an enchantress and a snake park, ‘Malampuzha’ becomes unique in terms of the kind of varieties which it offers in a single place. The days between the months of September to May are the best time to visit Malampuzha.

Malampuzha is easily accessible and has regular bus services from Palakkad, which is situated at 12 Km away. At the same time, the nearest railway station is Palakkad, while Coimbatore international airport is the nearest air – base.

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