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Auli; One of the Main Hill stations in India

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Auli offers beautiful views of beautiful hills and apple gardens, oak and deodar forests. Auli is near the snowy mountains. Skiing is a popular sport in Auli because of the long range of snowy hills. Auli is one of the main hill stations of India.

Auli is located in Uttarakhand. Auli rope way is one of the major tourist attractions of Auli. Auli rope has been designed to enjoy the Himalayan views. The snow-capped mountains, lakes and grasslands can be seen from this roof. It is one of the longest rope-way in Asia. The Auli cable car through the rope voyage will travel to a distance of 4 km. This cable car has a name called Gondola. Auli is the biggest skiing paragliding center. Auli is also a popular destination for adventure lovers.

The Chanab Lake is a beautiful sight from Auli. The lake has trekking trails through oak trees. Adventure Trekking is made up of grasslands and slopes. Auli Mountains are part of the Himalayan mountain range. It is a mountain range suited for skiing. Sports competitions are organized for tourists in winter. It attracts a lot of adventurers. Chhopta is one of the places to visit in Uttarakhand. Chopta is one of the most visited destinations in Auli.

Another specialty is the beauty of the grasslands. Some of the beautiful grasslands in Himalayas are located in Auli. One of the most beautiful is the Qani Bugiyal. The unique feature of the climate is the beauty of the snow-capped mountains. There are trekking routes to these meadows. Gurso Bugyal Maidan is a popular tourist attraction in the Trekking Quani Bugyal. The Grossson Reserve Wildlife Sanctuary is also an important attraction of Auli.

There are very few Himalayan plant species in the Gorsen-Reserve sanctuary. White Cat, White Rabbit, Jackal, Fox and Hina lives in the Himalayan Gardens Reserve Wildlife Sanctuary. There are trekking routes through this forest. The tallest man-made lake located in Auli. The curious travelers can enjoy snowfall skiing here. During the fall of snow, artificial lake was constructed to create synthetic snow for skiing. The lake has a wide range of skiing and a wide range of lakes.

Auli is the main venue for skiing festivals. The name of the place is Bugyal. This is the name of the grassland. The green pastures of the green cover are the surface of the snow when it returns. Skiing can also be a major tourist attraction. This mountain range in the Auli is a famous destination for skiing and adventure.

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