Thursday 23 May, 2019

Microsoft is searching for startups from small towns

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Microsoft startups director Rajineesh Menon said that Microsoft is ready for encouraging Startups in small towns. He cleared that a Hackathon will be organized for new entrepreneurs at Kalamassery Start Up Village. He was speaking to media after visiting Kalamassery Start Up Village.

Microsoft is cooperated with the start up village for the last one and half years. So many companies from the Start Up Village had participated in the entrepreneur development programmes organized by Microsoft.

Microsoft is concentrated in the cities Mumbai, Delhi and Cochin for developing start up. Also they are organizing to elaborate their functions to small towns. They evaluated that in these towns, there are higher possibility for better entrepreneurship. The benefits of entrepreneurship will reach to the students and youth also. For this they have organized awareness programmes.

Nasik, Ahmadabad, Jaipur and Bhubaneswar were the considering places of Microsoft. Instead of Cochin in Kerala, Microsoft had a presence in Trivandrum and they are checking possibilities of Calicut and other places.

Women participation is very less in industrial entrepreneurship. They have very wide possibilities in this field. Microsoft is organizing the Hackathon at Start Up Village according to the unity of the youth among new entrepreneurship, Rajineesh Menon described. 

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