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“Krishnadarshan” – an android application

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Don’t’ get surprised seeing this name. It is not a spelling mistake. “Krishnadarshanam” – The name of this Android application will have all the details regarding the “Guruvayur Srikrishna Temple”. As far as the facilities that “Krishnadarshanam” is providing, the app will have all the details such as the accurate time regarding the temple, lodges around there, or even to know the train/bus timings.

While it may seem interesting at first; but when looking more into the details, what we comes to know is that “Krishnadarshanam” is an exclusive app, with which you could do anything related to Guruvayur temple. The service list which it provides is a long one and is as follows – Pooja time, offerings and rates, special days and events, descriptions of nearby temples, latest updates regarding the temple, important phone numbers, booking hotels and marriage halls….! This list is quite big.., isn’t it…?

One could simply download this app from either “Google store” or the website, “”. The downloading option has been extended to even to the websites of major hotels as well as other institutions.

The I.T firm which has developed this app is “Icon Solutions”, based in Guruvayur. The application was unveiled by “Mallissery Parameshwaran Namboodiri”.


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