Thursday 25 Apr, 2019

Government shortly launching ' Netra ' for internet surveillance

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government shortly launching netra for internet surveillance

The government will soon be launching “Netra” for Internet surveillance for the defence ministry. The new system will detect words like ‘attack’,’ bomb’, ‘blast’ or ‘kill’ from lot of sources going to appear over the internet.

They are able to detect words when messages are encrypted and cannot be decrypted. The system will also search for tweets, status updates, email, instant messages, internet calls, blogs and forums. The system is so powerful that it can capture any kind of dubious voice traffic passing through Skype or Google Talk.

Netra, has been developed by CAIR and the Home Ministry is planning to approach DRDO to formulate strategy that can track internet usage. Netra, will analyze huge amount of global data coming to India.

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