Friday 26 Apr, 2019

Google to have Android powered cars in 2014

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google to have android powered cars in 2014

Internet giant Google is all set to invade a field, in which Apple too is trying hard to conquer. The widespread appeal of Android has resulted in the big collaboration between Google and the group ‘Open Auto Alliance’. The group, which is consisted of carmakers GM Motors, Audi, Honda and Hyundai, besides chipmaker Nvidia, have all aimed to have android operating systems for their cars in 2014.

Trade pundits say that the move could effect as they predict the total computerization of vehicles besides the increasing involvement of online services for navigation. While it is also notable that Audi already has alliance with Google for satellite and street view. However the rest of the details have not been divulged and is expected to make the connected cars a reality. Many consider this as a major step before the incorporation of Google’s self driving car technology with the automobile giants.

At the same time, Apple is also after the integrated iOS service with car electronics.

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