Wednesday 21 Aug, 2019

Samsung's folding phone will launch on February 20

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Samsung's folding phone will be released on February 20. The phone will be launched with flagship model Galaxy S10. The phone will be introduced in the bill graham civic auditorium, San Francisco, which was used to present Apple's iPhone, on February 20, tech reports said.
New phones come in the tenth anniversary of Samsung's Galaxy Phones. Samsung claims that new devices that have developed to a different experience in its phone series.
The phone will be pointing to the future of Galaxy phones. The company has unveiled an Infinity display at Samsung's Developer Conference in 2018. Samsung says it's the beginning of a new era.
According to the news on various tech sites, the phone will have a 7.3-inch screen at the open. When folding the size will be 4.5 inches. You can use a smaller display and larger displays. Some of the reports suggest that the game will be played on a smaller display and will continue to be on the big display.
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