Tuesday 19 Feb, 2019

Horse can recognize Human's facial Expressions

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London: Horses can recognize facial expressions of human, according to a study. Studies have shown that they have the expertise to get rid of dangerous people by reading information from people's faces. A recent survey on Horses has been done by Sussex University in London.

As the part of study, a human with angry and cheerful showed in front of a horse. For the clarification of the study, the same person took before the horse a few hours and days later.

The report published in the Journal of Current Biology indicates that it's obvious in the horses' manner which reminds him of his smile rather than the smile of a person.

The study, Karen McComb , points out that the horses were not only recognizing one's gaze but also being able to remember it when he met after days. Although the horse is the best intellectual animal, the new level has been clearly demonstrated.

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