Thursday 21 Mar, 2019

What to Wear? Will be Decide by the Camera in Future

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The ‘selfies’ helps to know our appearance is good or bad, is already known. But the new technology, launching by the Amazon, Alexa help us to tell how we looks, is good or bad? The voice controlled camera, named ‘Echo Look’ helps us to know our costumes are good or bad to ourselves. Users submit two full-length photos of their outfits, taken by the Echo Look, and they receive recommendations that become "smarter through your feedback and input from our team of experienced fashion specialists," Amazon claim on its website.

The Echo Look's camera - the first in an Alexa device - has the potential to be used for home surveillance, video conferencing and various enterprise applications, reports said. With the 'style check' it will help us to selection tips too, reports said. It works in WIFI connections, and it will support to comparatively good, selection for us, sources said. According to reports, in India, Echo camera has the price of 12,800 in the market. The other side of our body can also watch this application. Like all other devices, it included all the facilities such as -music, look book, travel updates etc. in it.

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