Wednesday 27 Mar, 2019

Apple New Operating System Software iOS11 Released

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California: Apple's new version of Operating System for iPhone and iPad has launched. The Operating System, called iOS 11, has been released on Tuesday. In addition, two new handset phones, iPhone 8 and iPhone will be launched on Friday and November 3.

The story has been redesigned to provide more space for images and text for app developers to describe their software. It is difficult for developers to find their software apple's store without typing in the exact name of the application or following the link to it.

It also offers a showcase for new store games. According to the Apple app, collects and analyses market information on mobile applications, the App Store account 75 percent.

Apple brings with a slew of new user interface tweaks, multi-tasking features and refinements to the iPhone and the iPad. This makes the iOS 11 one of the most comprehensive iOS updates yet. iOS 11 also brings with it the biggest visual overhaul to the operating system since iOS 7 with big and bold fonts and a clean minimalist look.

The iOS 11 is now available to compatible iPhones and the iPads. It will be pushed to devices as Over The Air (OTA) update.   

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