Thursday 21 Mar, 2019

Apple Launched New Siri Speaker in the Market

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apple launched new siri speaker in the market

A small speaker launched by Apple- the World’s largest technology developers, in the world’s developer’s conference. The peculiarities of this home pod are, it works as your commands, authorities claim. It works according to the artificial intelligence.

Amazon Echo and Google Home are familiar to people with Apple's strategy. The home pod is a 7-inch tall speaker for playing music, checking the news and controlling other connected devices in the home. It is a product focused on music first - potentially differentiating it from the Echo and Home. It has "spatial awareness" to detect where it's located a room and adjust the sound accordingly.

It can do the usual list of tasks we've come to expect from smart speakers, though it appears to have minimal third-party integration. It can play music from Apple Music, tell you the news, do unit conversions, send messages, schedule reminders, set timers, translate, check stocks, answer trivia questions, and tell you what the traffic is like.

The price is quite a jump from Google's Rs.22437 ($129) Home and Amazon's $180 full-sized Echo. The increased price is to cover the improved sound technology, according to Apple.

It can listen your sound, command or question. We can ask temperature, news, message, podcast etc. to the home pod are the other specialties of this instrument. This will hit in the market from December, this year.

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