Tuesday 20 Aug, 2019

Thumbs up for Kasthurirangan report from The National Green Tribunal

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thumbs up for kasthurirangan report from the national green tribuna

The National Green Tribunal has given positive nod to Kasthurirangan report over Madhav Gadgil report. Thus the interim report which wanted Gadgil report to be followed, while taking up new projects in Western Ghats, has come to an end. The order also states that Kerala can take adequate changes by taking the good points from both Kasthurirangan and Gadgil reports while taking initiatives In the Western Ghats. However, it was the canceling of Gadgil report that Kerala had raised to the Tribunal.

In the meanwhile, the center has also announced that it is the Kasthurirangan report that they are going to consider over Gadgil reports. The Tribunal at the same time asked the state to report an affidavit regarding the time frame that they will implement the guidelines and given December 14th as the last date.

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