Sunday 25 Aug, 2019

Save “Bharathappuzha” convention

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Amidst all the outcry for saving dying rivers in the state, the month of September will witness a large convention of politicians and environmentalists. Recently a meeting has been organized by the “Save Bharathappuzha council” which witnessed the presence of various MLAs. The meeting got concluded, with them decided to take some key progresses in this particular movement. During the last days of September, a large convention will take place highlighting the importance of “Save Bharathappuzha movement”.

What they decided to take as a further step is that to formulate a law in the model of central forest law. Under the guidance of various govt. organizations, they will conduct awareness programs. The meeting also found that the current laws and regulations are not good enough to create super effects. Indianoor Gopi, who addressed the meeting, said that the sand mafias, who are virtually taking away each sand granule, are the first ones to be demolished from the business.

MLA C.P Muhammed opined that the laws should be made in order to protect even the tributaries of the river. Somehow, the meeting ended on a positive note that everybody agreed in taking necessary steps with no delay. And what is the highlight of the program is that all the actions would be under the guidance of geographical mapping of the river which would ensure maximum accuracy in the process.


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