Wednesday 24 Jul, 2019

Koodamkulam project: Around 50,000 trees to be cut in Kodagu

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around 50 000 trees to be cut in kodagu

By the time of the electricity from Koodamkulam project reaches Kerala, as much as 50,000 trees would have been cut down in the Kodagu district in Karnataka. Even though protests are going strong from the side of local people and many organizations, some thousand trees have already been cut down by the authorities.

Amidst all these chaos, authorities have sanctioned special order from court and started building 400 K.V line. The proposed plan of bringing electricity through the Mysore – Kodagu line to Kozhikode, has raised numerous protests from the local people and has prompted the authorities to arrange police protection for the works. However, what the protesters fear is the possibility of destroying coffee, orange plantations. Along with these, is their concern of losing more vegetation due to radiation.

Earlier, the Power Grid Co – Operation has already paid a large sum of money to the Karnataka state govt. and was authorized to cut the trees. But, protesters accuses that more trees would be cut down than what was shown in papers. They also added that the govt. hasn’t given ears to their words of building electricity lines through less dense forests. It is from the forests of Nagarhole and Dubare, that the power grid co – operation cutting down trees.

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