Sunday 25 Aug, 2019

Government to take notes on ‘Mangroves’

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In a possibly game changing decision taken by the forest department, the actual data regarding the ‘mangroves’ in the state will be collected in a timely manner. The proposed collection of data will include the amount of ‘mangroves’ under the custody of private entities as well as in the state. At the same time, the possibility of transferring those from the private parties to the govt. too will be taken into consideration.

Approved science & technological institutes and agencies will assist ‘Forest department’ in this study. The report will be submitted under a time period of three year and will include the current state of ‘mangroves’ in the state and future development possibilities. The protection and geographical status of the places too will become part of the study.

While in 1960, there were about 50 Sq km of ‘mangroves’ in Kerala, the numbers have shrunk dramatically to well below 18 Sq km in 1992 – A study made by central forest agency reveals. It is in ‘Sundarbans National Park’ and in the banks of Niger River in Africa that ‘mangroves’ are found most in. Some studies points out that there are only in around 80 countries, which ‘mangroves’ are found today and covers an area – less than 1 Cr hectors.

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