Sunday 25 Aug, 2019

Aranmula: Five hills to be demolished

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The proposed airport in Aranmula will have to pay the cost of five hills, or to be precise demolishing five hills. The study conducted by ‘Consultancy and Co – ordination directorate’ for airport authority of India underlines the need for wiping out these five hills along with around five hundred families residing there. However this is contrary to the earlier reports of the company, which stated that there would not be the need to remove any families from the site.

As per the guidelines, the space around the airport which stretches for over 25 nautical miles should be free from any obstacles. But, the proposed runway of the airport has obstacles in the form of hills, trees, mobile tower and electric lines. Almost three hundred families reside in ‘Koyimala’ – situated at the Southern part of the proposed runway. Also, problems could be raised in the form of flood as the site is situated at an altitude much lower than the mainland of Aranmula. The paddy fields along with the water sources would have to be rectified for the sake of airport.

As the situations are like this, what comes as another obstacle in front of the airport authority is the Indian Navy, which occupies the North – Western part of the site. Thus, any acquisition or change in course should have to be consulted with the defense ministry.

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