Thursday 25 Apr, 2019

Companies demanding to lower the GST by the Digital cameras

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New Delhi: The companies are demanding a reduction in GST in Sony, Canon and Nikon cameras. Currently, 28 per cent of GST is charging for digital cameras. The companies said that it has been requested by the Information Technology Agreement (ITA) to disseminate it.

All the foreign companies like China, Mauritius, Korea and Indonesia have signed in the ITA. Companies have been demanding a relaxation on taxes imposed on technical products and reduction of customs duty. The company said it has written to the GSTC and the Union Finance Ministry.

In the big cities, ITI products are much needed. At the same time, GST is only 18 per cent of the other products, the company said.

"Canon Company has a good chance in India. Investment in India is still a matter of concern, but it is essential to make a difference in the tax arrangement. If it is 18 per cent of the cameras in taxes, it would be useful for Indian industries to become a digital friendly, "said Canon India's chief financial officer Gary Lee.

"From July, cameras have been charged 28 per cent of the GST. When it was suddenly changed from 16 to 17 per cent of GST, the market was badly affected ". Sony CEO Sanjay Bhargava said. Expect the appropriate move from the GST council. Sanjay added that he would appeal to the Japanese embassy in this regard.

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