Monday 25 May, 2020

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Thousands Offered Pongala to 'Attukalamma'

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Thiruvananthapuram: Thousands of women offered Pongala today for 'Attukalamma' as the part of the festival here.

Pongala has been dedicated to Goddess 2.30 in afternoon.

The pongala offered in Pandara adupp has been received by melsanthi Vamanm Namboothiripad for the sake of the Goddess.

The KSRTC has provided special services for the devotees were came to offer pongala here. Pongala has come to accommodate lakhs of people.

The various government departments and municipalities are relieved by the fact that they have been able to complete the Pongala ceremony without any complaints. The Pongala ceremony was started at 10.15 am. The festive ceremonies at the temple are happening noon in the afternoon. At 7am, the Kuthiyotta boys begin to be chooralkooth.

Then it will take the god outside. The goddess goes to Manakkad Sastha Temple accompanied by Kuthiyotta boys in the evening. This year's Pongala ceremonies will come to an end when Devi is back to the temple in the morning.

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