Tuesday 20 Aug, 2019

The 25th night of Ramzan is today

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Alappuzha: The 25th night in Ramzan is today. Believers today pray at night without sleeping. Though the Prophet's exhortation is to expect Lailathul Khader to be one night in the final ten of Ramadan, Muslims are ordered to pray in the night of the 27th day around the world. There is more preparation for the sermons on the 27th night. From fasting to fasting there is a mosque in the mosque for believers. In addition to the typical Tarawah, triumphs will be performed in the mosques of Tasbah and Tahjud. Believers who are blessed with the dawn of the 27th night with a variety of prayers, such as the Qur'an reading, Djir, Dua, Salat Majlis and Budarda Majlis, confess their past mistakes and apologize to the Creator.

In our prickly prayers in the final ten of the Hellenistic belief, Allah will bring hell to the people who are destined for Hell. This night, which gives a lot of virtue to charity, is especially keen to donate rich and poor to their best. It is believed that a hundred thousand months (83 years and six months) will get the sacraments of the pilgrims regularly in the night of Lailathul Khadr. The Holy Qur'an describes blessings as a sign of blessing and will visit the family members of the relatives of the deceased. On the night, the believers find time to visit the last rest of the saints and the grave of their relatives. When men engage in worship in mosques, women will have special prayers in their homes.

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