Sunday 25 Aug, 2019

Today Karkadaka Vavu; Lakhs offered Balitharppanam

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karkidaka vavu bali

Thiruvananthapuram: Today the Karkidakavavu. Lakhs of people in various centers offered Balitharppanam as the ritual. The ceremonies started at various temples in the morning.

After heavy rains, the cautionary advice is given to those who reach here. Strict regulation has also been imposed on the river and the sea. Arrangements are made only from safe seating.

Thousands of devotees are arriving in Malappuram Thirunavaya Navagamunda Temple. There is heavy security during heavy rains. Navagamunda is one of the few temples of the city where Trimurti Sangama is situated. The power of the rain is decreased giving some relief to the devotees.

Following the heavy flooding, the festivities are held in a specially constructed place. Thousands of devotees from Kasaragod and Kannur districts have come here to offer prayers at Thrayambakeswara Temple in Kasargod.

Apart from the major sanctuaries, there are many temples and centres arranged to offer Balitharppanam by the government. The district administration has warned people must be alert. Thousands of police personnel, including women police, have been appointed in various bathing units for safety reasons. CCTV surveys are under observation.

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