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Lakhs offers Attukal Pongala

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lakhs offers attukal pongala 2016

THIRUVANATHAPURAM: Lakhs of women offered pongala to Attukal Devi on Tuesday. Ananthapuri turned yagashala when the devotees lit their hearths. Rows of earthen pots dotted the temple premises, streets, pocket roads, railway station, bus station and shop fronts on the day of Pongala.

The ritual for the pongala started at 10 am when the chief priest of Attukal Devi temple lit the main hearth (pandara aduppu) with the fire brought from the sreekovil. The fire was then passed on from hearth to hearth.

The devotees then prepared the pongala offering of boiled rice and jaggery.They also offered therali, Mandaputtu, Modakam, Vellanaivedyam etc. Pongala nivediakkal was held at 1.30 pm when holy water was sprinkled on all the pongala pots. Around 250 priests were deployed across the city to sprinkle the holy water.

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