Saturday 20 Jul, 2019

Kadakkal Devi Temple: the Shrine without Idol

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kadakkal devi temple

The idol of Kadaikal temple is known as Kadakalalama. It is one of the main temples in Alathurmoodu at Kadaikkal Panchayat in Kollam District. One of the features of the temple is that no idol is dedicated here.

Instead of the idol, altar is worshiped here. The name of the place comes from the word 'Kadaikal' which means foot of Godess.

The Kadaikkal Thiruvathira festival which is famous, celebrates annually. It is believed that the vision of Goddess Kadaikal is only possible through the crown of the goddess, Tirumudi. Priests are not Brahmins in Kadaikal Bhagavathi temple.The pujas are performed by Nettur Kuruppans here.

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