Thursday 19 Jul, 2018

Will Take Action against North Korea, If Wanted, Says Trump

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New Jersey: US President Trump's anger against North Korea. The trump indicates that the White House will take a strong stand against the continuation of Pyongy's repeated warnings of their fiery warnings. The Trump was addressed to media outlets ahead of national security meeting at the Badminster Golf Club in New Jersey.

In recent days, the alarming warnings were issued to North Korea. They may think that they are tough. Over the last few years, that country has been troubling them. No one should stand for North Korea for the people of this country. That's it for the other nations who have paid their threats. Trump told the media that the answer could not be stopped only by the statement.

The trump refused to clarify the strategy of attacking the enemy first, to respond to the enemy's attacks. Korea should be afraid of leaving off attacks on America and its allies. Because the worst consequence of what they think and do. King-Jong-un has been halting the world for a long time. This needs to be interrupted - the trump explained.

The trump also added that the US would be based on trade policy and trade relations with them based on China's approach to North Korea. The meeting with the media on the background of reports that Korea is likely to develop a missile attack on the Guwa giant region.

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