Thursday 21 Jun, 2018

US Diplomat Attacked; Indian-origin Man Arrested in US

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us diplomat attacked

New York: An Indian origin man arrested for shooting of a US consular official in the Mexican city of Gaudalajara.

According to the reports, the official was on Friday in a brazen attack by man wearing a black wig and a blue nurse uniform outside a shopping center's garage in Mexico's second biggest city.

Zafar Zia, the alleged assailant, was described in Mexican media as a 31-year-old American citizen of Indian origin. The arrest was confirmed by the officials.

The authorities was announced a reward of 20,000 US Dollar to the person which share the information about the attacker.

The victim as deputy consul Christopher Ashcraft, said the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in a statement.

The security camera shows the gunman later standing outside the garage. When the official's black car stops at the exit, the shooter raises his gun and opens fire.

The Christopher recovering in the hospital, reports added.

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