Thursday 21 Jun, 2018

Twin Bomb Blast killed 38 in Afghanistan

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twin bomb blast in afghanistan

Kabul: A twin bomb blast occurred in Afghanistan capital, killed 38 people, today.

At least 72 people were wounded in the attack, while the killed people include military personnel also, said officials. Provincial governor Humayun Azizi was critically injured in the attack, reports added.

Afghan sources said a district head of the National Directorate of Security - Afghanistan's main intelligence agency - was among the dead.

And an MP from the western Herat province, Rahima Jami, was said to have been injured.

According to reports, a suicide car bomb struck during rush as staff were leaving the complex.

In Kandahar, blasts at the governor's guest house killed five and injured 14 including the UAE ambassador.

The Taliban, claimed the mid-afternoon attack, which took place near government and legislative offices.

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