Thursday 19 Jul, 2018

Train Crash Kills At least 43 in Egypt

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Cairo: Two passenger trains smashed each other in Egypt killed at least 43 people, 120 were injured in the accident, reports said.  The death toll could rise, hospital sources said. The tragedy was happened near the Khurshid station at local time 2.15 on Friday. The witness said that, in the impact of the collision made tip of the train in to pyramid shape. Almost all bogies have been damaged, officials said.  Those trapped in the ruined remains of the train removed a lot of trouble.

In 2016 many of the dead after a train derailed in Egypt. One of the biggest train accidents happened in Egypt after a train crashed to a bus and killed more than 50 people including children, in 2012. The worst train disaster in the country was in the year 2002 when 360 people lost their lives in the train after fire burned in train.

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