Saturday 19 Jan, 2019

Saudi Lifting Restrictions on Dress Code of Women; It includes Parda!

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There are so many historical policies taken by Saudi administration recently. As like those policies the Saudi government has relaxed the mandatory on women's personal freedoms like headscarfs and in parda. According to the current law the women should be hide their head with scarfs or to wear parda in public places. Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mutlaq, a member of the senior scholars' council, said, "The mandatory over the personal freedom is lifting, that to must wear parda in public places.

The new initiative is part of a decision to modernize the societies and to give a relaxation to women's control.

Do not insist that women should wear only the parda. Any decent dress will not ban women from public places. Sheikh Abdullah Al Mutlaq said that Muslim women do not wear hijab in many parts of the world.

At present, women should come to Saudi Arabia must to wear a hijab.  At the same time, mixed reactions occur to the statement of the scholar. The Saudi recently lifted the ban over women from driving followed to the new perspective.

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