Sunday 26 May, 2019

Ramadan: Malabar Gold will provide 75000 Iftar package

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Dubai: One of the world's five largest jewelry owners, Malabar Gold and Diamonds, will be distributing over 7,000 food packets in different countries across the country every Friday.

In UAE alone, 43,000 food kits are distributed per day. The Iftar food distribution is provided with the co-operation of Sharjah Charity International, Community Development Authority, MOHKMCC, mosques in the Gulf, and labor campsites. Sharjah, along with Charity International, will distribute 18,000 food items at Saja Industrial Area in Sharjah. In Oman, 15,000 , in Bahrain 5250, in Bahrain, 289 in Kuwait, and 750 in Malaysia. In addition, 78,000 cups will be donated to Iftar party in Singapore.

Kittens and orphanages will provide kits for families and inmates for cooking fast food. The corporate projects of socially committed start started in Malabar Gold 93. Malabar Gold and Diamonds said that five per cent of the dividends are allocated for this purpose.

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