Monday 15 Oct, 2018

More than 70 people were killed in suicide bombings in Kabul's mosque

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more than 70 people were killed in suicide bombings in kabul mosque

Kabul: More than 70 people have been killed in a suicide bomber that killed at least two buildings in Afghanistan's capital of Kabul's Shiazuni mosque. At least 45 people were injured in the attack, security officials said.

The first blast took place at Imam Samm Mosque in Police District 13 in western Kabul. Home Minister Major General Alimazh Moms said that the suicide bomber blasted after entering the building. Around 40 people were killed, Interior Ministry spokesperson Najib Dahin said. The succumbed were Shia sect's Hasara Muslim's, reports said.

The second explosion occurred in Sunni Mosque in Gor province. Police spokesman Mohammad Iqbal Nasami said that 33 people were killed in the attack. The attack was targeted by local militant commander and Jam-E-Ath leader Abdul Aadid. He was also killed in the attack. He is an opposition leader and has recently become a member of the government. It seems to be behind the retaliatory attack. His bodyguards also were killed in the blast.

ISIS has taken responsibility for the blast in Imam Zaman church.But there is no evidence that the attack carried by IS. Within a week, 176 people were killed in bomb blasts in Afghanistan. The Taliban had yesterday killed 58 security personnel in Afghanistan. It is now unclear whether the two sides are linked.

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