Saturday 20 Oct, 2018

Monument rises in Dallas to Little Sherin Mathews

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Houston (US) : Monument will rise in Dallas for the little Sherin Mathews. Memorial will be rise at the Restland Funeral Home in memory of the deceased Indian girl child. A special seat will be placed in the name of the Sherin in Funeral home.

The memorial is realized by the Indian community at Dallas were the Sherin lived with her family. Two months later, she was found missing from bridge near her house. Following this, Sherin's father Wesley Mathews and his mother Cini were arrested.

Wesley and Sini are in jail now. The court observed that Wesley and Sine were not eligible to be the parents. The child of Wesley stays with their relatives in Houston. Sherin's life with the adopted couple was distressing and she was physically tortured by the couple, reports said.

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