Sunday 24 Feb, 2019

Legal validity of ordinary passports in Kuwait ended

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Kuwait: The legal validity of passports ends in Kuwait on Saturday Kuwaiti citizens will be required to make new foreign electronic passports from today. "More than five lakh people have already received electronic passports that have changed their old passports," the home ministry said.

Initially electronic passports were issued to persons belonging to old age groups, differently abled, the person going to treatment in foreign countries, foreign students. Sheikh Masin Al Jarraah, Under Secretary of State for Civil Passports, said: "Those who do not pass the e-passports should approach the relevant departments and take action.

Kuwaiti citizens are required to make new electronic passports from July 1. On the other hand, foreign passengers can return with old passports. It is permitted only for those who had old passport owners who are not out of date. Officials in Qatar have issued a request to the Kuwaiti embassies to make more details related to passport with countries.

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