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Infamous Criminal Salvatore Toto Reena surrendered to the verdict

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infamous criminal salvatore toto reena surrendered to the verdict

Italy: Salvatore Toto Reena, 87, was found dead in Italy following a cardiac arrest. Reena, who was hospitalized due to cancer, died in a hospital in Parma, a city in the northern Italy.

Reena was in a state of unhealthy after suffering two operations. Reena was admitted to hospital when he was in prison.

Toyo Reena was the head of the Sicilian mafia, the infamous criminal gang, who was picked up by the Italian in the 1970s. According to the reports, 26 more imprisonment charged against Reena. He committed150 murders. He was also the head of the infamous mafia group Kosanostra.

Reena is considered one of the cruelest leaders in the history of the Sicilian mafia.

He was the main planner in the murder of Italian lawyer and police officers.

He was arrested in Sicily in 1993. The mafia gang raids have taken place after two major majestats were killed in the bomb blast in 1992.

After his father's death, Reena in the age of 13, entered to the world of crime.

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