Sunday 24 Feb, 2019

Erdogan returns to power in Turkey

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Istanbul: Rasip Taib Eredoga, the President of Turkey retains his power in the next election. Erdogan returned to power with 52.5 percent of the vote in the presidential election. Opposition candidate Republican People's Party leader Mohammed Ins received 30.7 percent of the vote. In the parliamentary elections held outside the presidential election, the Erdogan's party, the Justice and Development Party (AK), took the lead. The AKP party won 42 per cent and its ally MHP 11 per cent.This is first time in the history of elections, Turkey's parliament and presidential elections are held together.

 The presidential election was to be held in November 2019, but Erdogan made it early. About 56 crore people recorded their votes on Sunday in the country, which emergency imposed since 2016.

The opposition alleged that the Turkish state media was manipulating the first results of the Erdogan-friendly areas.

Erdogan was the prime minister for eleven years before the presidency in 2014. This made it possible for the president to re-electorate under the Constitution that would give more powers.

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