Thursday 19 Jul, 2018

Earthquake in China, Feared 100 Dead in the Disaster, says Chinese Government

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earthquake in china  feared 100 dead in the disaster

Beijing: A strong earthquake rattled in Southwest China, feared 100 dead in the deadly disaster, reports said. The Chinese official confirmed that at least five people dead in the attack and more than 60 others were injured in the quake, late Tuesday.

The Chinese official media reported that a 6.5 magnitude earthquake hits in the prominent city in China around 9.20 pm, on Tuesday.

But China's National Commission for Disaster Reduction estimated that as many as 100 people may have perished, over 130,000 houses may be damaged, in the quake.

Its epicentre was 284 kilometres (176 miles) north of the provincial capital Chengdu and struck at a depth of 10 kilometres, the US Geological Survey said. At least one tourist was killed and four others injured in the park, the state-run People's Daily newspaper said, with more than 100 other people trapped there.

The Chinese official sources said that at least 100 feared dead and 30 were in critical condition. The injured rushed to the hospitals. The electricity and transportation was cut off briefly in the disaster premises, reports said.

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