Wednesday 25 Apr, 2018

At Least 60 inmates Killed in Riot in Prison in Brazil

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inmates killed in riot in prison

Brazilia: Inmates encountered in jail killed 56 in Brazil, reports said. The inmates created gang in the prison and fight between them, media reported. 72 prisoners escaped from the jail, and another was wounded, reports added. The death toll will rise, authorities said. 

By the last two days 184 inmates escaped, 40 had been recaptured, authorities said.

Authorities said the riot that raged from Sunday afternoon into Monday morning grew out of a fight between two of the country’s biggest crime gangs over control of prisons and drug routes in northern Brazil. In the riot dozens of inmates were beheaded, mutilated during the fight, police says.

Weapons including fire weapons founded from the jail, which was collected the prisoners from out of the jail and one policeman wounded in the exchange of gunfire.

There were 1,224 inmates in the prison, which was built to hold 592, Amazonas state public security’s office said. The prison is run by a private company that is paid according to the number of inmates. Twelve prison guards were held hostage by the inmates during the riot, though none was injured.

An uprising 24 years ago at Sao Paulo's Carandiru prison left 111 inmates dead, but the majority of the deaths were at the hands of police who stormed the penitentiary.

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