Thursday 19 Jul, 2018

Anti-Tourism Protests Create Tensions in Europe

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Spain:  Anti-tourism protests continuing in major cities of Europe, reports said. The current anti-tourism agitation is the increase in the warmth of the so-called Lucifer. Tourists from Europe come forward to support an area. This creates a lot of problems for locals. In this context, the indirect anti-tourism protests of the indigenous peoples are notable.

Tourist resonance is widely spread in the vast areas of European tourism, which is a major source of summer tourism. In contrast to this tendency, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is instructed to contact local governments in their respective territories and provide a way to suppress the protesters.

The anti-tourism struggles in European cities have largely been centered in Spain. Last year, Spain had visited 75.6 million tourists, including around 18 lakh from the UK, influenced by various tourism sites. The media is spreading through cycles, tour buses and video footage of the youth wing of the Popular Radical Candidacy Campaign. The protesters told the media that "the tourism models of this time are evacuation of people in the neighborhood and the elimination of nature". But Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called protesters a terrorist.

The protests against Spanish cities in Mallorca and San Sebastia are strong. The protesters are also planning to organize anti-tourism and anti-tourism protests in August 17, which is celebrated by Basque cultural festivals Seeman Grante.

Anti-tourism has been taking place in many cities in southern Europe. About 20,000 visitors visit Venice every year, with only 55,000 residents. The building rent is increasing steadily because visitors come four times to settlements. About 2,000 people took to the city to complain that large cruise ships arriving in territories and pollution due to tourism destroys the city's perfume. The city's inhabitants are in the grave demand of the number of tourists growing in their quest to destroy their habitat.

"This is a serious matter. Therefore, it is also necessary to discuss with the protesters in their respective regions and take a definitive decision, "said the UNWTO Secretary General Thalib Rifai. The tourism provides guests with pleasure and hospitality to the guests and the state. They reduce the distance between different communities. This is because of the threat posed by the North African countries to more tourists traveling to European countries. Local governance leaderships should be able to effectively intervene to address the ongoing crisis, he added.

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