Saturday 20 Oct, 2018

Aircraft Crashed in Costa Richa, Killed 12

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San Jose (Costa Rica): A private plane with 12 people crashed in the mountains of Costa Rica. 10 US citizens dead in the accident.  Two Costa Rica natives also dead, confirmed authorities. They are pilots. The flight was headed to San Jose from Costa Rica's capital, Punta Isleta, to celebrate the New Year's Eve. Public safety minister Gustavo Matte said that nobody in the plane was alive. He said the passengers' bodies were either completely or partially damaged and would have to be autopsied.

The plane crashed on Sunday evening. The fire broke out and the plane crashed. The accident occurred in the mountains near the city of Bajuko in the province of Guanacaste. The domestic aircraft of Costa Rica, Nature Air is crashed, public security ministry said.  The investigators are investigating the reasons for the accident.

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