Monday 18 Mar, 2019

Air Pollution; Orange Alert Announced in Beijing

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Beijing: China's capital, Beijing, has announced an orange alert on due to massive air pollution today. Orange Alert was declared the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Monitoring Center (BMMCC). This is a warning from the worst of the four-level warning system China has been issuing about pollution.

The warning long up to till March 12th to 14th. Beijing has been suffering most of the problems due to smog here. Authorities have initiated emergency measures to reduce pollution. Measures to reduce industrial output are also started.

Meanwhile, firecrackers are banned. The authorities also demanded that the expeditions to be avoided as well as stopping the construction activities. But experts say that the pollution problems will be end with March 14. There is a possibility to the atmospheric temperature to be reduced and it will help to reduce the pollution, experts said.

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