Friday 26 Apr, 2019

22 dead in Indonesia floods

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Jakarta: At least 22 people were killed in floods and landslides that triggered an earthquake in Indonesia.

The death toll could rise again. Fifteen people were seriously injured. The earthquake and the tsunami were overwhelmed by the loss of about 2,000 people. More damages have been reported in parts of the Indonesian island Sumatra. Many people are still trapped in the debris. Rescue works are on progress.

The flood affected the north and west regions of Sumatra. The death toll could be rise. Among the dead, 11 children are students of an Islamics school. The accident occurred when the building collapsed in the flood. Many buildings are completely destroyed.

Roads have been destroyed in many places as rescue workers cannot reach. Many areas are completely isolated. The death toll in the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia since September 28 has increased by more than 2,000. Official sources said that about 5,000 people have gone missing.

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