Saturday 20 Jul, 2019

13 people were killed, many injured in the suicide bomb attack on the rally in Islamabad

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Islamabad: A suicide attack against the election rally. The attack took place in Pakistan's Peshawar election rally. 13 people were killed in the attack. 54 people were injured. The attack took place at the election rally of the Awami National Party (NP). Haroon Bilor is also an NP candidate also killed in the attack. As the NP rally was progressing in the Yakut region of Peshawar, the terrorists, who were carrying bombs on their body, blasted themselves. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. Police say the Taliban is behind the incident.

A military spokeswoman had warned that there was a danger of security in the general election on July 25. At the same time, many of the injured is in critical condition. And the number of deaths will rise again.

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