Sunday 24 Mar, 2019

113 schools in Saudi Arabia shut down

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Riyadh: 113 schools functioning without infrastructure have been closed down by authorities. Schools that did not take action even after giving time to improve infrastructure were closed. The schools closed in the order issued by the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia. The Ministry has provided specific guidelines for school buildings, quality of classrooms, safety systems, facilities for boys and girls and sanitation. The action is against the schools that do not meet these standards have been shut down said authorities.

The ministry had earlier suggested that schools should function only in buildings constructed for the school. The schools were allowed to have two years of time to move to allowed buildings. Private schools and government schools are closed down. The Ministry of Education would be entrusted to all the 19,826 students enrolled in these schools. Some private schools working in Malayalee management have also been shut down.

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