Sunday 31 May, 2020

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Udayakumar custodial murder case; Five policemen were also found guilty

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Thiruvananthapuram: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court found five policemen guilty in connection with Udayakumar custodial murder case.

 Udayakumar, then 26 years old, had died after he was tortured in custody in a police station in Thiruvananthapuram. The case occurred in 2005. The court found that the accused were K Jitakumar, SV Sreekumar, ASI KV Soman, T Ajit Kumar, CI TK Sabu and Fort Assistant Commissioner Haridas.

 Police constables K Jithu Kumar and SV Sreekumar who had apprehended Udayakumar have been found guilty of murder. Four and six accused have been charged with conspiracy. Soman, the third accused in the murder, died during the trial. The special CBI Judge K Nasar was considering the case.

The court said today that the custodial death sentence was 13 years ago. Udayakumar was taken into custody by police from Sreekandeswaram on September 29, 2005 for alleged robbery. Udayakumar rolled out at the station using a steel rod. The Postmortom report said that these injuries and the beaten are cause of death.

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