Sunday 24 Feb, 2019

Strong Earthquake in Japan; Three dead, Reports

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Tokiyo: Three people were killed in a powerful earthquake in Osaka, western Japan. Hundreds of people were seriously injured. The earthquake occurred at 6 am local time. The earthquake hit at 6.1 in the Richter scale damaged hundreds of buildings in Tokiyo.

The international media reports that there is possibility to death toll will rises in the time being.

Many buildings were damaged and electricity connections were damaged. Several trains from Osaka to Tokyo have been canceled. The conditions of those who are still in relief camps are also pathetic when the water pipes go off. An earthquake measuring 5.9 on the ground was initially reaching 6.1. Today, it was a shocking gesture after 1923. The student died when a fire broke down on her head. There are reports of an 80-year-old man among the dead.

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