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Villain Malayalam Movie Review

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villain malayalam movie review

Review And Rating For For Villain Malayalam Movie 


* Review By : Arunjyothi AJ Valiyaveetil


* PROS :

* CONS :
- Sort of repetitive revenge story with family same old tragic backdrops
- A bit slow paced moving

* ONE WORD : A watchable investigative movie with good and bad elements.

Villain tells about the life of ADGP Officer named Mathew Manjooran who had a tragic family past. When he decides to retire from the service a serial killing murders get to starts. Mathew Manjooran decide to stay back and find the persons who all are behind it and what's they are purpose.

The Story, Screenplay and Direction for the movie was done by B. Unnikrishnan.
First of all the story of B. Unnikrishnan just ok with revenge formulas and serial killing followed by family tragedy past but the actual reason behind the murders and killing doesn't impressed much because it had been seen various times. As a thriller mystery movie, with the top lead actors of Malayalam and Tamil the writer had done a decent job and the story was ok with a mediocre  screenplay but the direction had perfectly sinked. The core strength of the movie is its direction along with the class performance of main lead actors. The complete direction was well implemented and the making style was also good and the making style of the director was having an engaging clutch but the story is a bit slow at first half to the end and was predictable. The targeted factors like creating the thrills and mystery had not worked enough but still good. An another notable factor is that the screenplay had the convincing mix up factors of actions, thrill mood, family emotions with a depth and all these was totally enjoyable. The emotional outline in the movie was also brilliantly executed by the director and the emotions portrays a significant impact which moves to the turnovers of the movie. The revenge methods in the story was different and new. The movie begins with a tragic incident of the central character followed with murders and moves to an investigation. The dialogues was also having the meaningful impact for maintaining the profundity which is a plus factor and the movie steers on the notable tagline which potions out as 'Good Is Bad' and the movie is balanced for it to a level and also have a controlled and balanced writing with surprise twist and turn but predictable, still the film resulted out as watchable. An another impressive thing was the movie doesn't travel on a same track because at first the movie moves with Flashbacks, murders with further investigations along with some suspense. The real preeminent tone of the Villain is its mystery backdrops and also offers good backgrounds and visuals packages.

The movie comes up with a huge star casting of various best artist from Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. The central characters of the movie includes Mohanlal, Vishal, Manju Warrier, Hansika Motwani, Raashi Khanna and Sreekanth. Also Siddique, Renji Panicker, Aju Varghese, Chemban Vinod Jose, Idavela Babu and Kottyam Nazeer plays prominent roles.

Mohanlal as Mathew Manjooran did an another outstanding job. An absolute cult class performance. As a police officer the entire performance was according to its perfect style and the character had also perfectly matched for him. The emotional scenes were amazing. The flashback looks and the salt and pepper looks stylish. Lalettan's actions had also once again surprised and the power in telling the dialogues was also brilliant. Vishal as Shaktivel Palanisamy did a spectacular performance. He was looking charm with his unique style and also the dark shade in his character was genuinely taken. His combination scene with Mohanlal was superb also his actions had resulted out terrifically. The qualities of a manic was portrayed well by him.
The character Sreya was handled by Hansika Motwani. She was cute according to the role and the performance was notable. Manju Warrier played the wife character of Mohanlal. As a loving mother and a good wife she performed her role as usual brilliantly. The role stands out for an extend cameo role but have crucial screen presence. Raashi Khaana as the police officer did complete justice to her character. Her character is having some turns in the story. The appearance and look was stylish and the stylish had also seen in her acting but with slight lip sinking issues. Srikanth as Felix. D. Vincent plays a negative shade character as a drug gang leader and the performance was good.. Siddhique, Renji Panicker and Chemban Vinod did their respective supporting characters brilliantly.

The Musical work of the movie was handled by  4 Musics and the BGM was composed by Sushin Shyam. The song "Kandittum Kandittum"sung by K.J Yeshudas and Sithara was melodious with a classic touch. The club song "Pathiye Nee" was also good which was sung by Haritha Balakrishna. More than the songs the BGM was excellent. The signature tune of the actor Mohanlal was amazing and powerful for the proper impact. The background score on the emotional scenes had also given the real feel especially the musical tones at the hospital scenes. The film had also resulted out with impressive technical sides of stunning cinematography, crisp editing , good art direction and costume designs. The actions in the movie also deserves a special mention. The Cinematography was by Manoj Paramahamsa the camera works were having the top class standard work.. The various high angles shots were perfect and the frames of close up shots of Mohanlal and his emotional scenes were captured mesmerisingly and the Editing by Shameer Mohammed was crisp and clear, the various cuts for the long shots were perfect. Mismatched situations was not found on the editing. The Production Design by Gokul Das was also worked out well with the correct scenarios according to each scenes and the Costume Design by Praveen Varma was also impressive especially the costumes designed for Vishal, Hansika and Raashi. The Titile Graphics was also shown excellent and the stunts and actions for the climax was also good.

So like I said the movie is enjoyable but not genuine in all manner. The performance of Mohanlal and Vishal saves the big time. To conclude Villain won't disappoint and a good choice just for a one time watch.

* GRADE :  B
* RATING : 2.5/5


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