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Vijay Superum Pournamiyum Review : A pure feel-good drama

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vijay superum pournamiyum review
(No Spoilers)
*Language: Malayalam. 
*Genre: Comedy Drama. 
*Duration: 02 Hours 15 Minutes 
*Theatre: Usha Cinemas Kollam. 
*Status: 70% 
  • PROS:
1: Direction
2: Story, Screenplay and Dialogues.
3: Performance of lead actors.
4: Cinematography.
5: Music and Background Score. 
6: Editing.
  • CONS: 
1: Predictable Plot
  • ONE WORD: A pure feel-good drama. 
Vijay Superum Pournamiyum tells about the life of two youngsters called Vijay and Pournmi who are unemployed. Both of them meets at a marriage proposal held by their family. Rest of the story describes various life incidents of Vijay and Pouranmi on an emotional and comedy backdrop. 
The movie is directed by Jis Joy who is the director of the hit movie Sunday Holiday. The direction held by Jis Joy completely offers a pure feel-good emotional comedy movie. The direction was passionate which was also accurate to maintain the life of the plot written by himself. The story of the movie shows various life moments which can surely melt the mind of the viewers and also the delightful moments in the film can be taken as life lessons. The director had succeeded to pack and end the movie to establish as both a comedy and family movie. The making of the movie was not having many errors and the engaging grip of the film was moving without any kind of boring factors. In the making style, the director Jis Joy had followed a brilliant direction which ended as an entertaining feel-good drama. 
Important the screenplay was having the mix-up elements of comedies, family importance, romance, emotions etc, so the maker Jis Joy had implemented these elements according to the story. Moreover, the dialogues were extremely powerful which will definitely influence and dominate the audience to engage in the film. Though the story is predictable, the well-written screenplay and dialogues will hook the viewers to realise the feelings of the movie. The movie completely moves on a comedy backdrop which was entertaining followed by the sentiments which will firmly melt the mind of the viewers. 
The story has various incidents which converge and these incidents have the right reason and explanation which shows the amazing writing of Jis Joy. The various sentimental emotions of life and true relationships was also victoriously portrayed by the director. The dialogues and its communication between characters were having the exceptional momentum and also the conversation was much closer to the real-life which can help the viewers to understand the feel of the life. 
Therefore it is evident that Jis Joy had made an outstanding hard work on his writings and direction which truthfully deserves a big applause. 
The movie has the casting of Asif Ali as the hero and Aishwarya Lakshmi as a heroine. Siddique, Renji Panicker, K.P.A.C Lalitha, Shanthi Krishna, Austin Dan, Balu Varghese, Aju Varghese and Devan also joins the casting. 
The central character Asif Ali as Vijay was super and also Aishwarya Lakshmi as Pournami was also super. Both of them were extremely incredible. No doubt the character Vijay is one of the best in the career of Asif Ali and his performance too. Aishwarya Lakshmi also shines with her brilliant acting. Both of them were too good at their emotional sequences. The chemistry between them had also worked out effectively. Two of them grabbed the winning applause of the viewers, stoled the show. 
Siddique's character as Chandra Mohan who played as the father of Vijay and Renji Panicker who handled the role of father character of Pouramai was unbelievable. They had lived as a loving and inspiring father. Both of them deserves a big thumb up for their remarkable performance. 
Balu Varghese and Aju Varghese were entertaining on their comedy roles. K.P.A.C Lalitha, Shanthi Krishna and Devan also did their respective characters brilliantly. The debutant actor Austin Dan had also done a good job. 
The musical work of the movie was composed by the debutant music director Prince George. The song "Enthanne Mounam" sung by Karthik and Sharon Joseph was melodious. The song "Pakalaay" sung by Vijay Yesudas was sentiment with the fine tunes. The song "Pourmani Superalleda" was mediocre. The background score of the film tuned by Prince George deserves special mention because of the BGM at crucial scenes had given its real depth to get its feel. The background score at emotional scenes was spectacular to hear and to set the mood. As a newcomer, the music director Prince George had made a phenomenal job. 
 Coming to the technical division the cinematography held by Renadive was wonderful which had captured by the best visuals of the main locations Kochi. The indoor shot was also good and the frames of beach and city were captured stunningly. The editing of Ratheesh Raj was crisp and clear without feeling mismatches. The costume department had also done a good job which made Aishwarya and Asif Ali look gorgeous. 
So overall the film Vijay Superum Pournamiyum is a complete worth watch film which won't disappoint anyone and also a beautiful movie which motivates and offers with fresh and pure feel-good moments to watch out with our families and our loved once.  
  • GRADE: A. 
  • RATING: 3.5/5. 
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