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Vijay Mersal Movie Review

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mersal tamil movie review

Review and Rating for Tamil Movie Mersal 

* SHOW  : 05:00 am (Fans Show)
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Review By : Arunjyothi AJ Valiyaveetil


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* ONE WORD : Mersal is a complete pack of entertainment to celebrate for this Diwali.

The story deals with a magician who comes to India and finds his lost brother who is a doctor. He learns about the identities and decides to take the revenge for those who killed their parents. Rest of the story tells who is behind the conspiracy and what's their intentions.

The story and screenplay was written by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad the writer of Bahubali series and Bajrangi Bhaijaan along with the director Atlee Kumar and S. Ramana Girivasan.
As a commercial oriented movie this film offers the best treat for a normal audience and for the fans it's a mega visual treat. The real strength of the movie is its plot and the energetic performance of Vijay with the effectual use of visual direction of Atlee. The execution style of Atlee was having the balanced engaging grip till the end and moreover the direction resulted out as passionate with pure engaging factors. The movie is targeted for the fans, families and youngsters and the movie have the right components to entertain the viewers for this festival. The story written by K.V Vijayendra Prasad was good with a touching socially relevant plot followed by the elements of romances, comedies, actions. The characteristics qualities for each characters was well written by the writer which will be convincing for everyone. In the screenplay Atlee and K.V Vijayendra Prasad had made the entertaining mix up factors of actions, romance situational comedies and the emotions which is congenial. The dialogues written by S. Ramana Girivasan was having the impact by its depth. The controlled and balanced writings of screenplay and dialogues made this completely movie impressive. The dialogues was having the proper meanings for the scenarios. The flashback tracks in the movie will satisfy with the right scenarios. The movie travels with the routine follow up of a regular Tamil movie at the beginning with songs and romance but from the mid the movie goes to an another dimension to a marvelous level and from the second half the movie is completely eminent..
So to conclude the result for the direction of Atlee and the writings of K.V Sreekar Prasad and S. Ramana Girivasan was packed with the wining formulas to give a victory.

The movie Mersal come up with a huge star casting of Vijay, S.J Surya, Samantha, Kajal Aggrawal, Nithya Menon, Vadivelu, Sathyaraj, Kovai Sarala, Hareesh Peradi and more.
As well all know Vijay comes with three main characters so for these three characters he had given his maximum best and the final result of his acting was truly amazing. The change over to an another character was shocking because the characterisation of each character was well captured by his true acting. The performance for the emotional scenes was also handled efficiently. The timings in telling the mass dialogues was well said by Vijay throughout in the movie. He had undertaken the dance moves astoundingly. His makeover to each songs will be incredulous for every viewers. His style in performing the actions was solitary as always. So the actor Vijay completely steals the show in Mersal.
S.J. Surya steals the heart by his real acting, the realistic expression was truly outstanding and the negative shade in his character was top superior.
Kajal Aggrwal did his female lead character brilliantly. She was looking cute and the cuteness was found on her acting. Her combination scenes with Vijay had worked out perfectly once again. The dance and the romance in the song Macho was fabulous. The emotional scenes was also good and Samantha Ruth Prabhu also played a crucial role in the movie as pairing up with Vijay. The chemistry between Vijay and Samantha was taken in the impressive manner by the director into the screen. She just nailed the performance by her good acting. Her romance with Vijay is a major plus factor of this movie. The few comedy tracks was also notable. Nithya Menen equally shares a vital role in the movie as pairing with Vijay. The classic style of a Tamil women was seen in her character. Her perfection of Hindu dialogues was also excellent.
Vadivelu is back to the form again, the situational comedies was funny and  Kovai Sarala as the mother did his part well. Sathyaraj and Hareesh Peradi also did complete justice to their respective character.

The entire musical work of the movie was composed by A.R Rahman was melodious. Thr lyrics was written by Vivek. The song 'Aalaporaan Thamizhan' was superb, the starting of the song itself was too good by the vocals of the ladies group. The song was perfect for the scene with a good festival mood and the sound of Kailash Kher and Sathya Prakash and the lyrics had sinked the music perfectly. The song 'Mersal Arasan' sung by  G.V Prakash Kumar, Naresh Iyer and Sharanya Srinivas had made a good impression by the visuals. The song 'Macho' was brilliant, the mixes and the rhythm of the song was new with good romantic lyrics. The song 'Neethanae' was having the signature of Rahman Sir throughout, the song was harmonious. The vocals of Shreya Ghosal and  Rahman Sir was genuine to create the feel good mood. The each and every BGM tunes and tracks was perfectly sinking for every scenes the BGM of  Rahman Sir also maintains its feel and for this movie he had given the proper tunes for maintaining the real impact.

The technical divisions had worked with their best effort to make this movie brilliant. The Cinematography, Editing, Production Design, Stunts, Costumes and Sound effects were extraordinary. The cinematography by G.K. Vishnu was amazing because what the movie wants in visuals he had captured it perfectly in all manner. The frames of Northern Indian and it's festival, close up shots of natural places of foreign countries, visuals of Holi, the rain shots and the camera movements for the stunts and action was mesmerizing to an another level. The Editing by Ruben was clear and steady, the cuts were perfect for long shots and the mismatches was not felt in cuts. The production design of Muthuraj deserves a big thumps up because the sets were well planned and well build. The wondering sets for every songs and the 80's set was having its soul by the genuine ideas. The designs and the sets for the fights scenes was looking with the followed customs. The Stunts were choreographed by Anal Arasu, Kevin Smith, Georgi Stanislavov, Tihomir Vinchev and Kaloian Vodenicharov. All the 6 stunt masters had choreographed the stunts according to the scenes and the actions looks astounding. The costumes designs of Neeraja Kona and team was good according to the character qualities and the costumes for the songs 'Macho' was delightful and the Sound Effects mix of Tapas Nayak was also significant for the plus factors.

So overall Mersal landed up to a complete safe zone which guarantees a best commercial treat for every kind of audience to celebrate in this Diwali with families and friends. To conclude the movie is worth for the money and time for a complete entertainment.

*   RATING : 3.5/5

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