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Udaharanam Sujatha Movie Review

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udaharanam sujatha movie review

Review for Udaharanam Sujatha 

* THEATRE : Remya Cinemas Kollam
* STATUS : 50%
Review By : Arunjyothi AJ Valiyaveetil

*  GENRE : Comedy Family Drama
*  DURATION : 127 Minutes

* PROS :
1: Direction
2: Performance of lead actors
3: Screenplay
4: Music and BGM
5: Cinematography
6: Editing
7: Costumes and Makeup

* CONS :
1: Predictable Storyline

* ONE WORD : A heart touching movie to enjoy with our families especially for every mothers and daughters.

The plot of the movie deals with Sujatha a widow who works as a housemaid. Her only dream is to see her daughter Aathi studying well and achieving a big goal in her life but things happen reverse, she is founded as below average in her studies. Rest of the story tells the further life of Sujatha and her struggles to show the importance of education.

The story of Nitesh Tiwary was having lots of interesting factors for a feel good story. More than pointing out as a feel good story the plot of the movie have a strong concept of dreams and inspirations. As a women oriented movie the plot gives the real impact of struggling women to look after her family. The bond of a mother and daughter was beautifully portrayed in the movie till the end with lots of surprising moments. The importance and significance of education was strongly conveyed to the viewers by the total writings and direction. The core strength of the movie is how the movie had portrayed the emotions and it needs a special appreciation. The screenplay by Naveen Bhaskar and Martin Prakkat was also balanced according to the plot with good ideas and strong dialogues. The direction of Phantom Praveen was heartwarming according to the plot and the direction was totally passionate till the end. The director had managed to avoid overdramatic scenes in many areas and the execution doesn't make the viewers to feel boredom. The narration of the movie is filled with comedies, emotions, dreams which will be really touching especially for every mothers and daughters and also for families too. Both the director and writer needs specials marks and applause for the realistic approach they had done in this movie.

The movie had a good star casting. The central character of the movie was handled by Manju Warrier along with Mamta Mohandas, Nedumudi Venu, Joju George and Anaswara Rajan.
The performance of Manju Warrier was outstanding. Yet an another terrific notable performance of Manju Warrier. The way she handled and performed the character 'Sujatha' deserves a huge applause. She had expressed the dreams, affections, sentiments beautifully throughout the movie. The timings in telling the dialogue delivery and the Trivandrum slang was also handled perfectly. After watching the movie everyone can feel that she had won the heart of viewers by her amazing performance, Hats off to Manju Warrier. Anaswara Rajan as Aathi did a notable performance. As a newcomer she handled her character brilliantly. Her combination scene with Manju Warrier was really good. Her acting on emotional scenes deserves a big thumps up. Joju George played the character of a  school principal and teacher named as Sreekumar. His situational comedies entertains a big time. The performance of Nedumudi Venu as George Paul was also good and Mamta Mohandas and Aditi Ravi comes up with a good cameo performance.

The Musical work of the movie was done by Gopi Sunder. The songs were good but more than pointing out the songs the BGM composed by Gopi Sunder needs special mention because it gives a good feel for every scenes. For the emotional scenes the background score had perfectly matched. The background score tuned by Gopi Sunder is a major plus factor of this movie to give its feels.

The movie Udaharanam Sujatha comes up with good technical aspects. The cinematography should be praised and the editing, costumes and art direction had resulted out efficiently. The cinematography by Madhu Neelakandan was amazing. The shots of Trivandrum city was captured according to the story. The frames of Kanyakumari was also shown beautifully and the editing by Mahesh Narayanan was also neat and clean, mismatches was not felt. The Costumes designed by Sameera Saneesh was very impressive because the movie had bring up the correct dress code for the central characters and the work of Sameera Saneesh deserves a big thumps up.

So overall Udaharnam Sujatha is well portrayed  beautiful emotional film. The movie will be a perfect choice for every mothers and daughters to enjoy with their family and also watch the movie for the outstanding performance of Manju Warrier.

* VERDICT : Worth Watch
* GRADE : B+
*  RATING : 3.25/5

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