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Thugs Of Hindostan Review

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thugs of hindostan review
Review of Thugs Of Hindostan: 
(No Spoilers)
Review by: Arunjyothi.R Valiyaveetil. 
*Language: Hindi.
*Genre: Historical Action Thriller.
*Duration: 02 Hours 45 Minutes. 
*Theatre: Carnival Cinemas. 
*Status: 60%  
1: Performance of lead actors. 
2: Music and Background Score. 
3: Cinematography. 
4: Editing 
5: Technical Department 
1: Direction 
2: Story 
3: Screenplay
*ONE WORD: Thugs Of Hindostan offers a visual treat with a pathetic making and disappointing story. 
The film Thugs Of Hindostan unfolds the story set in 1795 when the Indian Subcontinent was called Hindostan. The Indian bandits were known as Thugs. They were against the British East India Company who had taken the control of large parts of India. A British commander named John Clive sends Firangi Mallah a small-time Thug from Awadh to kill and destroy Khudabaksh Azaad who is the head of Thugs. Rest of the story tells the battle between Thugs and the British East India Company. 
  The movie is directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya after the super hit movie Dhoom 3. The story, screenplay and dialogues are also handled by himself. 
First of all the making of Vijay Krishna Acharya was the major drawback of the movie. The directional style of Vijay Krishna Acharya was unpassionate. The story and screenplay also resulted out as boring which resulted out as an unengaging movie. The movie was targeted in bringing out the historical days of British rule and its battles which was failed to give the best. 
The director could have been concentrated more on his story and screenplay for his direction because he was unsuccessful in bringing out the intensity when it moves to show the life of Hindostan Thugs and their journey. 
The screenplay of the movie was having the combined factors of actions, liberation, humour, sentiments but the director himself had faded out miserably to executed these factors. It is evident that the movie had landed in a dark danger zone due to the unworked story and half-baked screenplay which gives the viewers a complete disappointment. 
The dialogues in the movie had truly emerged as firm because most of the conversation was having the soulful energy but sadly due to the dull story and weak screenplay the movie creates less impact which will make the viewers feel lagging for a duration of nearly three hours. The sharp dialogues were good but still left with a confusion whether these dialogues can hook the viewers to complete the movie. The prime tonality of the movie is concentrated on the life of central characters in which the director and the writer himself implemented without any kind of confusing elements but at the end nothing new to offer rather than lots of cliché events.  The most ineffective factor in the making held by Vijay Krishna Acharya is he was ineffectual in his direction when it tracks to the life of the central characters and their life journey to dominate justice. The cliché story was moving with a soulless screenplay at a fast pace which only offers bunches of over dramatic scenes. Therefore after watching Thugs of Hindostan, it is clearly noticeable that the ultimate failing credit is in the hand of the director Vijay Krishna Acharya by his slow story, mindless screenplay and dumb direction which gives the audiences the worst movie of Aamir Khan. Sadly to say, Thugs Of Hinduston is one of the trash movies of the year. 
The movie Thugs Of Hindostan comes up with a multi-star cast starring Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Fathima Sana Shaikh, Lloyd Owen, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Ronit Roy, SatyadKanchanran. 
Amitabh Bachchan as Khudabaksh Azaad was spectacular. In his age of 76 years, he delivered an unbelievable performance. His action sequences individually and with Aamir Khan was magnificent. Moreover, his powerful voice in his dialogue was astounding. No doubt his charismatic action sequences will make every audience surprising. 
Aamir Khan as Firangi Mallah also given another career-best performance. He was adorable on his costume and new look. Importantly his characterization to the character Firangi was formidable. The humour touch in his character was also awesome. Moreover, the action sequences of Aamir were terrific and impressive. He had also done a great job on his dance moves. 
All the combination scenes of Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan is momentous especially their combined action sequences. Katrina Kaif as Suraiyya was gorgeous and cute. Her dance movie was mind-blowing. Her romantic scenes with Aamir Khan was also lovely but she was not having enough screen space to give her best. 
Fathima Sana Shaikh as Zafira was breathtaking. As a warrior her action and the archer moves were stunning. The seriousness in her character was also superb. She had done a power-packed performance for her character. 
Lloyd Owen as John Clive, a British East India Company Officer did his best. His speaking on the Hindi language was also good. He had acted out his negative villain character amazingly. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Ronit Roy, Satyadev Kancharan also did justice to their respective characters.  
The musical work of the movie was performed by Ajay-Atul. There were three songs in the movie which were melodious. Among the three songs, the song 'Suraiyya' sung by Vishal Dadlani and Shreya Ghoshal was tuneful. Another song 'Manzoor-E-Khuda sung by Shreya Ghoshal, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sukhwinder Singh was really melodic with strong orchestra and lyrics. The song called 'Vashmalle' sung by Sukhwinder Singh and Vishal Dadlani was also mellifluous. The Background Score of the movie was managed by John Stewart Eduri. The BGM was sensational which perfectly suited for every scene. The background score at action sequences was having its right impact for setting the scenes. Also, the background score at emotional scenes was quintessential.   
The cinematography of the movie is handled by Manush Nandan and the editing of the movie is done by Ritesh Soni. The camera work of the movie gives a visual treat. The action sequences were captured brilliantly. The camera movements in Katrina's song was stunning. The editing was crisp and fine without mismatches. The Art Department and Costume Department deserve a huge applause for bringing out the best sets and costumes. The CGI was also impressive.  
Overall the movie Thugs Of Hinduston doesn't offer anything new and nothing to impress even with its huge star cast and budget. To conclude, the boring story and screenplay will give you a complete disappointment of 2 hours and 45 minutes so better to watch it at your own risk. 
*OVERALL: Waste Of Time.
*RATING: 2/5. 
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