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The Foreigner Movie Review

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the foreigner review

Review and Rating for Movie The Foreigner

*  STATUS : 20%

Review By : Arunjyothi AJ Valiyaveetil
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* CONS :

* ONE WORD : A Complete Engaging, Entertaining and Thrilling Movie, truly a worth watch.

The plot of the movie revolves around Ngoc Minh Quan (Jackie Chan) a businessman who is haunted with past seeks justice when his daughter is killed on a terrorism. Soon he gets conflicts ensues with a government official called   Liam Hennessy (Pierce Brosnan) whose past have the clues to the killers' identities. Rest of the story tells the cat and mouse play between them.

The Story and Screenplay was handled by David Marconi and the Direction was done by Martin Campbell. First of all the direction of Martin Campbell deserves a huge applause because in the sense that a convoluted story like this was brilliantly executed in less than a two hours without much complications which deserves a thumps up. The director had also done a wonderful job on staging the actions, emotions and tensions which proves that he is a player for providing realistic thrills. His making style was good because the movie resulted out with a balanced story but still at some areas the screenplay was not that perfect, it gets little bit of stuck in developing a captivating story and some sort of repetitive elements of emotions was found of earlier revenge flicks but still it won't affect the flow because once the viewers had settled into the movie the audience gets the expected high packed actions. The most interesting thing I found in this movie is it comes more bright and impressive when it travels to the hushed and slower parts where the central characters starts his journey to find justice. Interestingly the story comes up with two contrasting story lines and the first is focused on the action line which tracks in seeking the revenge and the second is a political one which points out the conspiracy so both these storylines inside the movie offers a treat for a complete engaging movie. The two story lines progress in parallel extreme fast pace, and converge from time to time. The direction is just amazing in the sense that such a complex story can be told in less than two hours. The emotional backdrop of the movie was also good and the bond of a father and daughter was shown genuinely, moreover the viewers can feel sympathies to the central character due to its characterisation and depth. In fact the story is having similarities to many revenge thrillers but here the movie finds a zone with a good screenplay which implements the worth watch factors and also the dialogues came out as stiff and it has the elements of a real momentum even when the movie seems to be running in place. In many areas the tone of the movie is dark and sometimes to an extreme but offers with good dramatic background and visual relief. David Marconi through his story and screenplay coveys eventful and packs with a good dramatic punch but the final winning credits comes out at the hand of the director Martin Campbell by his unique making style.

Coming to the casting the movie comes up with Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan, Michael McElhatton, Charlie Murphy, Liu Tao and Orla Brady in main leads. Nothing more to mention it's all about a terrific show of Jackie Chan. In the age of 63 his charismatic actions which he performs will make every viewers excited and thrill, absolutely brilliant. His unique and different style on action sequences deserves a huge applause also his timings in telling the emotional dialogues had also surprised. Pierce Brosnan delightful performance is a treat for the viewers once again along with his  brilliant acting. He once again proved that he is one of the most versatile and genuine performers from his generation of actors also it's a fact hat Pierce Brosnan who makes this action thriller as much fun as it is.

The technical division of the movie was at top class especially thr cinematography, stunts and actions, editing and the art direction. The cinematography was handled by David Tattersall and he captured each and every single frames of action sequences astonishingly. The high angle shots was also brilliant. The BGM of Cliff Martinez was also good, the silent tunes was notable and the background score used for the action sequences was also superb. Hats off to the team behind the stunts, all the actions and stunts were choreographed dominantly. The editing of Angela M. Catanzaro was also crips and clear, cuts were perfect and mismatches was not found. The set work of Art Department for the Blast scene was amazing and also visuals effects for notable.

So overall the movie had given me a satisfied experience because of its making style and the performance of Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan had made this movie completely delightful. So to conclude 'The Foreigner' had landed up to a safe zone and it's an entertaining action thriller movie which is worth for a theatre watch.

* GRADE : B+
* RATING : 7.5/10

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