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Tharangam Malayalam Movie Review

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tharangam movie review2017

Review Of Tharangam Malayalam Movie 2017 

*   STATUS : 50%

*   GENERE : Comedy Thriller Drama
*   DURATION : 153 Minutes

Review By : Arunjyothi AJ Valiyaveetil

* PROS :
+ Direction
+ Screenplay
+ Cinematography
+ Music and BGM
+ Editing

* CONS :
+  Nothing New in the Story

* ONE WORD : Tharangam is good movie for a one time watch.

The plot of the movie deals with two suspended police offer named as Padmanaban Pillai and Joy. Padmanaban Pillai lives with his girlfriend Malu. Due to the need of money to cover up an issue Padmanaban and Joy takes a job but they gets involved in a big problem. Rest of the story tells about their further steps to overcome the problem.

The direction of the movie was done by the debutant director Dominic Arun and also he had written the story and screenplay along with Anil Narayanan.
First of all as a newcomer writer and director Dominic Arun need a thumps up for his clear execution. The story by Anil Narayanan and Dominic Arun was thrilling till the end with humours. There are lots of incidents happening in the story and the way the movie travels and unfold to its end was resulted out absolutely brilliant. The sub plots in the story was carefully and clearly written by the writers and the direction was also smooth and clear according to its story. Besides pointing out as a thriller the movie comes with entertaining situational comedies. The narration of the movie is filled with romance, twist and comedies which will be cheerful and fun for every viewers. The interesting thing in the story is the arrival and end up of lots of characters and the story was given equal importance to everyone. The story doesn't offer anything new, it's a story happening in one day and the plots have all the components to entertain the viewers.
The making style of Dominic Arun was also passionate. The chances of having mistakes was high in the plot but the direction doesn't made anything wrong, the entire making was smooth and different. Still don't expect anything new from the story, it's all a connections of various incidents .

Tharangam movies comes up with a good star casting of Tovino Thomas, Balu Varghese, Neha Iyer, Vijayaraghavan, Manoj K Jayan, Shammy Thilakan, Saiju Kurup and Alencier Lay Lopez and everyone had done their respective roles efficiently.
Tovino Tomas and Balu Varghese played the main two central characters. Tovino Tomas handled the character called Padmanaban Pillai and Balu Varghese played the character Joy. Both of their performance was brilliant and entertaining. Balu Varghese situational comedies had worked out well and the romance of Tovino was also good. Both of them had done total justice to their respective characters. As a newcomer actress Neha Iyer as Omana and Santhy Balachandran as Malu did a good job. Neha Iyer's entire performance was notable, lip sinking issues were less. As a serious role she did her part brilliantly. Santhy Balachandran played the role of a college lecturer and as the girlfriend of Tovino and her performance was good. Sijoy Varghese as Christopher Luke and Saiju Kurup as The King Pin had also scored well to their characters. Alencier Lay Lopez as Ittimani and Vijayaraghavan as police commissioner had also performed well.
Shammy Thilakan and Manoj. K.Jayan comes up with a good cameo performance.
There is a Young Popular Actor who comes up with a crucial Cameo Performance.

The musical work of Tharangam was handled by Ashwin Renju. The songs were really good especially the song 'Minnunnunde Mullapole' it was really melodious. More than the songs the music director had done a fabulous job on making extra ordinary background music. The BGM in the crucial areas of the movie was brilliant and the BGM tunes towards the climax was also super.

The movie was having a good Technical Divisions.
Deepak.D.Menon had done the cinematography. The entire work was amazing. There were many impressive frames. The shipyard shorts and action sequences was captured brilliantly and the Editing of Sreenath S was crisp and clear.

So overall Tharangam had ended up to a safe zone place in all manner. The movie will be a good choice for every kind of audience for a one time watch. The movie will definitely entertain every viewers and won't disappoint. A worth watch movie for the money and time...

* VERDICT : Watchable
* RATING : 2.75/5


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